Stories of War and Peace

November 9, 2017

cover of the book Club SaigonMartin Grossman’s ’73 newest novel, Club Saigon, is a military thriller, which follows four special forces soldiers serving in the Vietnam war and the various paths they take upon returning home in 1969.

Grossman drew from his own experience as part of the U.S. Army’s elite Fifth Special Forces (Green Berets) where he served three tours in Vietnam from 1967-1969. The book will be part of a trilogy, with the next two already in the works.

Grossman is also the author of three best-selling children’s books, Oscar the Otter, The Pigs of Lake Hood, and Totems of Seldovia

Grossman currently lives with his wife in Alaska, where he moved to after graduating from Whittier. He began his career in the construction industry there and worked on large capital projects throughout the state. Now retired, Grossman enjoys writing in a small cabin in the woods. “A lot of people in my era, after coming back from an experience like the Vietnam War, we kind of need our space,” he said.