Senior Profile: Piper Lowinger 

May 12, 2020

Piper LowingerBorn and raised in the city of Whittier, as a college student, Piper Lowinger ’20 has had the opportunity to travel the world, developing her passion for humanitarian assistance and global development. 

Knowing that she wanted to work on an international scale, Lowinger designed her own major in Global Cooperation Strategies through the Whittier Scholars Program and worked closely with the Office of International Programs for opportunities to grow.

During her time as a student, Lowinger spent two semesters abroad in Madrid and Paris. She was also awarded the Brethren Community Foundation Fellowship and worked in Tanzania with Global Partners for Development to survey and learn about sustainable, community driven-development. As a fellow of the Mary Davis Fellowship in Public Service, she lived in France and conducted an independent research project on implementing the United Nations' Global Compact on refugees in Tanzania and France.

The interdisciplinary nature of Lowinger's self-designed major encouraged her to create a more comprehensive vision of environmental and social sustainability within diplomatic and business systems. 
“The curriculum emphasized the importance of combining extra-curricular experiences, such as service learning, fellowships, and study abroad, with classroom learning to develop an insightful understanding and perspective of diplomacy and humanitarian assistance,” she said. “Being part of the [Whittier Scholars] Program encouraged me to find meaning in my academic studies, I have not only designed a major but also have built a foundation of knowledge that will carry me forward into my future career in humanitarian assistance and global development.”
Lowinger was also active on campus and connected with her Poet peers in various ways. She was a member of the Poet track and field team and worked in the Business Office, the Center for Advising and Academic Success, the Center for Career and Professional Development, and the Office of Advancement. In addition, she served in the Associated Students of Whittier College Senate, was a part of the College’s Model United Nations delegation for four years, and held executive positions in the Sustainability, International, and Adventure and Travel Club. 
“I immersed myself in the Whittier College community because I enjoy connecting with and learning from unique individuals who celebrate diversity, respect differing perspectives and opinions, and embrace cultural differences. Each opportunity to come alongside my fellow Poets encouraged me to engage others in meaningful discussions, broaden my understanding, be introspective, and allow myself to grow.”
For years, Lowinger looked at her college graduation as the launch of her professional career. As she thinks about Commencement, Lowinger looks forward to receiving her diploma with a new understanding. 
“I have come to realize that my career in humanitarian assistance and global development actually began during my time at Whittier College,” she said. “Thanks to my Poet community, Whittier College has proven to me that graduating is the continuation of my career.”