2020 Senior Profile: Destinee Moya

May 12, 2020

Destinee MoyaA combination of experiences in and out of the classroom helped Destinee Moya ’20 shape her Whittier experience and inspired her goals for the future. 

While pursuing a degree in business administration and political science, she learned the rewards and benefits of a diverse education. 

“Through my interdisciplinary education I learned the ways in which business, advocacy, and law all intersect,” she said. As she looks ahead to the future, she credits her involvement on campus for providing her with opportunities for growth.

Moya has been actively involved in co-curricular activities for as long as she can remember. At Whittier, she was the director of WCTheRock, is a member of the Athenian society, worked on the Orientation team, and was on the Associated Students of Whittier College Senate, serving as president during her senior year. It was through her involvement on campus that she was able to thrive at Whittier.

“I learned how to work with different personalities, how to effectively manage a team, and how to advocate for others and myself,” she said about her involvement on campus. “However, the most important thing I have gained through these experiences is a lifelong network of individuals I know I can always lean on.”

It was this network of individuals who helped her along the way. 

As the first person in her family to attend college, the world of higher education was foreign to Moya. Although her family was supportive, they could not always relate to what she was doing in college. She thanks her college community for their guidance and support throughout this entire process.

“If it was not for Whittier's unique, tight-knit community, I do not think I would have had nearly the same experience,” she said. 

She exemplifies perseverance and wants to continue her education beyond Whittier. 

Moya will be applying to law school in the fall and plans to pursue a career that allows her to be involved in policymaking, litigation, and public administration. She feels her education has prepared her well. 

“Whittier has given me a greater sense of awareness around my personal identities and has prepared me to navigate challenges head on,” said Moya. “As a Latina pursuing a career in law, I know I am entering a space that historically was not designed for people like me. Despite the challenges I know I will face, my experiences on campus have taught me resilience and perseverance. This sense of self has been the greatest thing Whittier has given me.” 

Her career aspirations also include establishing a commercial property company where she can empower and support female business owners.