Whittier Professor to Lead National Organization

November 6, 2018

Laura McEnaneyThe American Historical Association (AHA) has named Professor of History Laura McEnaney its new vice president of teaching.

The teaching division of the AHA researches the training of teachers and encourages innovating methods of instruction. McEnanay joined the AHA as a member in 1996 when she was a graduate student on the job market. It was her involvement with the organization that brought her to Whittier. She decided to run for this position as an opportunity to serve her wider community of fellow historians.
This appointment as vice president of the AHA’s teaching division is a great honor for McEnanaey. “It means I can continue the work the AHA is already doing to improve the teaching of history at all levels, from grade school through college,” she said. “I think history teachers need and deserve continuing support to reflect, experiment, and assess what they’re doing in their classrooms.  This is best done through collaboration, not by ourselves.”
Founded in 1888, the AHA is the oldest and largest organization of professional historians in the world and represents more than 12,000 members and serves historians representing every historical period and geographical area, as well as a wide variety of professions.