Sarah Medina ’18 – President for the Day

April 11, 2018

Sarah MedinaSome say “You can’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” For child development major Sarah Medina, a mile was only the beginning – she actually spent an entire day in the role of Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger. Medina has the distinction of participating in the President for a Day program during Herzberger’s final year on campus. 

Medina, who transferred from a large college where it was a challenge to even get one-on-one time with a professor, never imagined that she would be able to swap places with a college president. She described it as “a once in a lifetime opportunity.” During her busy day as President, she had the opportunity to meet with many administrative leaders, including Chairman of the Board of Trustees Jim Brown ’71, among others. She also discussed the importance of Cal Grants and equal opportunity with State Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon. 

“I was able to meet with so many people that contribute to making Whittier College great,” said Medina. “Everyone is so passionate about the College, and it made me feel really grateful and proud to be a student here because they are working hard so that students like me can attain the best education available.”

For her part, Herzberger followed Medina’s schedule for the day – from attending classes to grabbing lunch with the student’s friends at The Spot. 

After graduation, Medina plans to attend graduate school to earn a teaching credential and a master’s degree in education administration. She feels that her experience as President for the day will be “extremely helpful” for her future, as she was able to gain insight and perspective not only on the inner-workings of a school, but of a community.