Professor Donnelly Profiled

May 16, 2018

Cover of MagazineVisiting Assistant Professor of English and Journalism Joe Donnelly graced the cover of OC Weekly. Donnelly’s new book, L.A. Man: Profiles from a Big City and a Small World, was the subject of an article that also gave an in-depth view of a writer’s journey facing personal challenges, the recession, and sheds a light on the current state of journalism. 

The article describes Donnelly as “the kind of journalist in woefully short supply in America, 2018. (…) He is thoughtful, angry, impassioned, self-deprecating, curious, questioning, a touch neurotic, a lot talented, and the kind of person ALL of us need to read all the time.”  

Donnelly has spent his career as a successful writer, editor, and professor. Approximately half of the profiles in his book were pulled from his time at LA Weekly, where he served as editor for six years. Read the full story here.