Prof. Switzer's Promotion Announced

July 22, 2022

Whittier College President Linda Oubre announced the academic promotion of Professor of Philosophy Michelle Switzer.

“On behalf of the College’s leadership team, I congratulate Professor Switzer whose invaluable work contributes to student success at Whittier,” said President Oubre. 
Academic promotions at Whittier College are based on excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service.
Professor of Philosophy Michelle Switzer’s primary scholarly expertise is in decolonial social philosophies, and she contributes to multiple interdisciplinary programs including Gender Studies, Africana & Black Studies, Latinx Studies, and Environmental Studies. Through expertise in decolonial feminisms, eco-feminist and indigenous philosophies, value theory, and informed by colonial history, Switzer defends a philosophy of valuing place and existing value. Her recent work in the philosophy of race has been featured on the American Philosophical Association blog for Black Issues in Philosophy. She has presented at the Radical Philosophers Association on the philosophy of migration. Her diversification efforts in the field of philosophy also include an Irvine Diversity Grant in 2006 and a faculty development grant for curricular development in 2013, mentoring students working for social justice in diverse fields, and serving on the editorial board of Janus Unbound: Journal of Critical Studies. Switzer earned a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Toronto.