Carey Halio '95 Honored for Transforming American Business

September 16, 2020

Carey HalioFrom her leadership position at Goldman Sachs, Carey (Baker) Halio ’95 is changing the way American business is run.

Business Insider recently named Halio as of the “100 People Transforming Business,” honoring the individuals who are driving change and innovation in their companies and across industries.

Halio is the CEO of Goldman’s banking subsidiary, the force behind some of the global investment firm’s most innovative products.

“Marcus, Apple Card, transaction banking. The businesses and brand names use cutting-edge tech to touch millions of customers,” according to Business Insider. “Together they’ve attracted tens of billions in customer cash that’s been used to lower Goldman’s funding costs and bolster its ability to weather a financial crisis.”

Halio is focused on helping transform the firm with funding, operational, and structural improvements. She joined the banking subsidiary in 2014 as chief financial officer, and “we’re now at this point where we are using this platform to transform Goldman Sachs,” she told the financial publication.

Halio was the first in her immediate family to attend college. After graduating from Whittier in business administration, she volunteered with the Peace Corps to provide micro-credit assistance to women in Guatemala. She returned to the states to earn her MBA at Columbia Business School—and from there, joined Goldman. She previously worked in the firm’s credit risk division.

Halio is also a current member of the Whittier College Board of Trustees.

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