EPA Action Day at Whittier

December 5, 2018

graphic artworkPresident Richard Nixon '34 created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) via executive order on December 2, 1970. In recognition of this day, Whittier College students and faculty hosted the first-ever EPA Action Day on campus.

During the event, groups of students showcased various campaigns that tackled one particular dimension of climate change or environmental sustainability. The campaigns focused on world-wide issues such as recycling, water conservation, energy-use, food waste, as well as environmental awareness and were part of a collaboration between four courses: Elections and Participation, Marketing Principles, Environmental Studies, and Graphic Design II: The Visual Language of Design. 

Participants implemented their campaigns on campus with the goal to get a large portion of students to take action. One group encouraged students to turn off lights in empty rooms and to unplug all unused appliances, resulting in the reduction of energy-waste. Another group held a contest inviting students to bring empty bottles to be recycled and the winning participant won free text books for the spring semester. 

Assistant Professor of Political Science Sara Angevine spearheaded EPA Action Day. “When I was designing my syllabus for this fall, I thought it would be great practice for students to learn how to mobilize and run actual campaigns,” she said. “It’s important for our students to get real life experience on issues that are incredibly important."

In conjunction with EPA Action Day, serials and electronic resources librarian Joe Dmohowski gave a special presentation on President Nixon’s time at Whittier College. From establishing the Orthogonian Society, to joining the glee club and being a part of the drama club, to playing for the football and basketball teams, Nixon was very involved on campus and was also a member of ASWC, serving as president his senior year.

Artwork by Lauren Swintek ’20.