Roger White


Professor Roger WhiteProfessor of Economics

On leave during 22-23 academic year

Douglas W. Ferguson Chair in International Economics

Academic History

Ph.D. and M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
M.A. and B.A., San Francisco State University

Academic Focus

  • Culture Economics
  • Economic Globalization
  • International Migration
  • International Trade
  • Multidimensional Poverty


Roger's research largely focuses on topics relating to cross-societal cultural differences/distance, the immigrant-trade link, immigration policy/history, public opinion towards economic globalization, and the consequences of increased international trade for domestic labor. He has worked on additional topics related to international trade (e.g., determinants of exporting behavior and the distance puzzle) and development-related topics such as multidimensional poverty and microfinance. His primary objective is to contribute empirical studies that foster a greater understanding of economic phenomena (generally) and, specifically, of international interactions.

Roger is the author of more than forty published research articles and book chapters, and he is the author or editor of seven books.


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2010. Migration and International Trade: The US Experience since 1945. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Peer-reviewed Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes

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