Majors and Minors


The information provided on this page is meant to provide an overview of the required courses. 

Refer to the College Catalog for detailed information about course prerequisites, course frequency, and additional course requirements.

Requirements for the Major in Environmental Justice Studies

To complete the Environmental Justice Studies major, students are required to finish 10 courses plus an off-campus experience.

Introductory Courses: Complete EJST 100: Race, Colonialism, and the Environment, one 200-level EJST course from Social Sciences, and one 200-level EJST course from Humanities.

Research Methods: Choose one from a major of your choice: AFBL 344 Black Atlantic, ANTH 312 and 312L Ethnographic Methods, ECON 305 Introduction to Econometrics, ENGL 210 Critical Procedures in Language & Literature, GEN/PHIL 385 Feminist Philosophy, HIST 380 Historical Methods, PLSC 385 (also an EJST quant reasoning option)*, REL 361 Ways of Understanding Religion, SOC 310 and 310L (also an EJST quant reasoning option)*

Electives: Choose at least one EJST course from Social Science and one from Humanities.

Breadth: One ENVS course.

Quantitative Reasoning: Choose one course from Math 80, Soc/Psych 214 and 214L, Soc 310, PLSC 385, or ECON 205. Students cannot “double dip” the quantitative reasoning and the research methods EJST requirements. They will have to choose different courses for each requirement, e.g. Soc/Psych 214 for Quantitative Reasoning and Soc 310 for Methods.

Capstone: Any senior seminar in a discipline relevant to the student’s EJST focus: ANTH 407/408 Senior Seminar A/B, ECON 400A/B Senior Project in Economics, ENGL 410 Senior Seminar in English, HIST 480 Capstone Seminar, PHIL 498 Senior Thesis and Colloquium, PLSC 400-480 Capstone Seminars, REL 495 Senior Capstone, SOC 407/408 Senior Seminar A/B

Off-Campus Experience: An internship, travel study course, or work experience integrated with EJST learning outcomes.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Justice Studies

To complete the Environmental Justice Studies minor, students are required to complete EJST 100 and any other EJST courses adding up to a minimum of 18 EJST credits completed.