Department of Global & Cultural Studies

Offered as both a major and minor, Global & Cultural Studies (GCS) introduces students to the world of the 21st century by encouraging them to explore contemporary problems and issues from a number of different perspectives and points of view.

Majors of the program have an opportunity to concentrate on a specific area of interest within a broad interdisciplinary framework – national/ transnational institutions, culture, geographical area, and issues – which then structures the student’s pathway through the major.

  • NATIONAL/TRANSNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: This concentration examines the role and function of political, economic or other institutions in the global context. It could include a focus of any of the following: nation states, corporations, NGOs, international organizations or other non-state actors.
  • CULTURE: This concentration enables student to explore the changing face of cultural and social institutions in the 21st century. It could include a focus on gender, kinship, marriage, demographics, or other cultural patterning.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: This concentration allows the student to explore the impact of multiple forces of globalization within a specific geographical region, i.e., Latin America, Asia, or Europe.
  • ISSUES: This concentration allows for in-depth exploration of a particular social or environmental issue. Examples include human rights, terrorism, AIDS/health, environment, population, refugees, sustainability, intellectual property, etc.

As part of the GCS program, majors are required to participate in a cultural immersion experience, preferably a semester-long study abroad, to get first-hand knowledge of their area of concentration.