Guidelines for a Minor in Latino Studies


A minimum of 18 units is required for this interdisciplinary minor. Transfer courses, courses taken abroad, and additional course offerings not on this list must meet the approval of the Latino Studies Faculty Committee.

Required courses (15 units)

SPAN 100 Introduction to U.S. Latino Studies (3 units)
SPAN 225 Latino Literature and Cultural Production (3 units)
SPAN 221 Intermediate Spanish II or above (3 units)
HIST 348 U.S.- Mexico Border Studies (3 units)
SOC 355 Migration and Immigrant Communities (3 units)

Select one course from the following list (3 units)

ANTH 214 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ART 371 Modern and Contemporary Latinx Visual Culture 
ART 381 Art of Mexico
ART 382 Art of Colonial Spanish America
EDUC 300 Sociological & Historical Perspectives in Education
ENGL 375 Chicano/a Literature
HIST 242 Introduction to Colonial Latin America
HIST 245 Introduction to Modern Central America
HIST 246 Introduction to Modern Latin America
HIST 344 Black Atlantic
HIST 347 Modern Mexico

MUS 74 Music of Latin America
PHIL 375 Rights of Migration
PHIL/GEN 385 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 390 Latinx Philosophy

PLSC 252 Latin American Politics
PLSC 253 Politics of Diversity in Latin America
REL 350 Latin American Liberation Theology
SOC 205 Women and U.S. Politics
SOC 386 Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOWK 220 Immigrants and Refugees
THEA 260 Chicano/Latino Theater