Harry W. Nerhood Teaching Excellence Award


All Whittier College students and faculty are encouraged to submit nominations for the Harry W. Nerhood Teaching Excellence Award.

The full-time faculty member receiving this award will exhibit essential aspects of teaching performance:

  • The setting of high standards
  • The ability to stimulate both enthusiasm and creative thought
  • Fairness in the evaluation of student work
  • Creation of a quality environment for learning in the classroom
  • Ready availability for dialog and counseling with students

A successful nomination need not discuss all of these criteria. You can nominate your favorite faculty member by submitting responses to any relevant prompts that best reflect your experience with that professor. In the nomination form below, please provide details that help bring classroom practices to life for the selection committee.

Selection will be made by a special faculty/administration committee. Nominations are due by Friday, March 29, 2024.

Past Recipients

Faculty who have received the Nerhood Teaching Award in the last decade are not eligible for renomination.

2023 Cinzia Fissore
2022 Shannon Stanton Agbotse
2021 Melanie Householder '05
2020 Sylvia Vetrone '99
2019 Charles Eastman
2018 Christina Scott
2017 Kathy Barlow
2016 Joyce Kaufman
2015 Jeffrey Lutgen
2014 Charles Hill

2013 Brian Reed
2012 Elizabeth Sage
2011 Don Breme
2010 Paul Kjellberg
2009 Devin Iimoto
2008 Trish Van Oosbree
2007 Sean Morris
2006 Laura McEnaney