Sara Angevine


Associate Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science
562.907.4200 ext. 4371

Academic History

Ph.D., Rutgers University, New Brunswick
M.A., University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa
B.A., Hamline University

Academic Interests

American Politics
Women and Politics
US Congress
Public Policy
Research Methods

Classes Taught

  • American Government and Politics
  • Political Methodology
  • Women and U.S. Politics
  • Elections and Participation
  • Political Parties, Interest Groups, and the Media
  • Race and Ethnicity in American Politics
  • Women and Leadership
  • Media and Political Processes


Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sara Angevine, specializes in American politics, women and politics, comparative politics, and international relations. Her dissertation examined the policy objectives and congressional motivations behind women's rights in U.S. foreign policy. Professor Sara Angevine’s research explores how gender (and identity broadly speaking) affects democratic representation in the US. Before Whittier College, Angevine was an adjunct lecturer in political science at Brooklyn College, City University of New York and Rutgers University as well as a lecturer in women and leadership at Barnard College, Columbia University. She received her Ph.D. in political science from Rutgers University and her master’s in women’s and gender studies from University of the Western Cape in Bellville, South Africa.