Health Sciences, Pre-Professional Program


In addition to receiving specialized attention from a cohort of professors to ensure proper academic preparation and progress, Whittier students spend four years developing the investigative and professional skills that make great medical, dental, optometry, chiropractic, and veterinary students.

Pre-Health students also have endless opportunities for hands-on experience in the lab and in the field through fellowships, internships, and paid research assistantships. And, through unique partnerships with local hospitals and practitioners, Whittier students get to learn about career options directly from the professionals.

Professional schools where Whittier graduates have been accepted include UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, UC Davis, University of Southern California, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Medical College of Wisconsin, New York University, Oregon Health Sciences University, Stanford University, Tufts University, Tulane University, University of Colorado, Vanderbilt University, and Yale University.

It is important to get on the right-track soon after enrolling at Whittier. Therefore, admitted students who are considering a career in the health sciences should contact Professor Hector Valenzuela to create an academic and extracurricular plan that will allow students to create a dynamic portfolio to meet graduate or professional school requirements.