Research Ethics & Safety Compliance


To ensure that research is conducted in an ethical and safe manner and complies with federal regulations, Whittier College has established the following committees to review and approve applicable research activities before the research can be initiated

Institutional Review Board & Human Subjects Protection Committee (IRB/HSPC)

This committee approves research conducted by faculty, students, and staff of Whittier College that involves human subjects.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

This committee reviews the institution's College's program for the humane care and use of nonhuman vertebrate animals. The committee’s primary tasks are to: review research procedures involving vertebrate animals, conduct evaluations of animal care, and inspects all of the College’ institutions laboratory animal facilities.

Institutional Biosafety Committee

This committee monitors and reviews all research and teaching activities using infectious agents, recombinant DNA, and genetically-altered organisms.