Majors & Minors in Social Work


Requirements for the Major in Social Work

Social work is a discipline and a profession. Students may declare social work as a major, but must be admitted to the Social Work Program and subsequently to Field Education to fulfill the degree requirements. Please consult with social work faculty and the Social Work Handbook to learn more about the admission requirements to the Social Work Program. Students interested in the major will successfully complete the following courses to prepare them for the social work curriculum. These courses include:

  • SOWK 240/241: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOC 200: One of the 200 level Sociology courses
  • PSYCH 100: Introduction to Psychology, and
  • MATH 76: College Algebra (unless the student tests out in Algebra at MATH 80 level)
  • ANTH 210, 212,213,214 (select one)

Additionally, a total of 43 credits of Social Work and related course work is required, including:

  • SOWK 340: Social Work Practice I: Working with Individuals, 3 credits
  • SOWK 343: Social Work Practice II: Working with Families and Groups, 3 units
  • SOWK 363: Social Work Practice III: Working with Communities and Organizations, 3 credits
  • SOWK 310: Approaches to Social Research, 4 credits
  • SOWK 364: Social Welfare Policy, 3 credits
  • SOWK 373: Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 3 credits
  • SOWK 408: Integrative Seminar, 3 credits
  • SOWK 412: Social Work Practicum and Seminar I, 4 credits
  • SOWK 413: Social Work Practicum and Seminar II, 3 credits
  • SOWK 414: Social Work Practicum and Seminar III, 4 credits
  • SOC 214: Statistics, 4 credits
  • PSY 222: Biological Bases of Behavior, 3 credits

Requirements for the Minor in Social Work

To complete the minor in Social Work, a student must complete a total of 15 credits, which include the following: SOWK 240/241, and 364; and 6 credits selected from SOWK 340, 343, and 363.