LAUSD STEAM Micro-Credentialing Program


Whittier College honors teachers participating in LAUSD’s STEAM Micro-Credentialing Program by providing them the opportunity to earn up to 12 graduate level professional development credits.

To earn induction units, teachers must:

  • Have completed LAUSD’s STEAM Micro-Credentialing program requirements within the last two academic years (see requirements below).
  • Have a LAUSD STEAM Micro-Credentialing Program Certificate of Completion.

LAUSD STEAM Micro-Credentialing Program Requirements

Micro-Credentials issued through Los Angeles Unified are designed with a consistent structure and organization, providing a systemic approach to the issuing of Micro-Credentials. Each Micro-Credential requires 105 hours of hybrid professional learning, both online and in real-time. This professional learning consists of 30 hours of face-to-face instructor-led training, 45 hours of self-paced online training, and 30 hours of homework which requires participants to create a digital portfolio that contains five Evidence of Learning Artifacts (EOLAs) to demonstrate their mastery of each course and the application of their learning in their setting.

Educators working to earn Los Angeles Unified Micro-Credentials engage in the blended, personalized professional learning of each Micro-Credential as a Community of Practice and complete three courses of two modules each. These courses and modules include:

  • “Foundations and Access” (12 hours face-to-face, 18 hours online, 10 hours homework)
  • “Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment” (12 hours face-to-face, 18 hours online, 10 hours homework)
  • “Leadership and Capstone” (6 hours face-to-face, 9 hours online, 10 hours homework)

LAUSD STEAM Micro-Credentialing credits (up to 12 units) earned through Whittier College may be applied towards a 30-semester unit Whittier College Master of Arts in Education Degree. Earned credits will be verifiable with a Whittier College transcript that can be ordered once credits have been granted.

Course Information and Cost

EDUC 696: LAUSD STEAM Micro-Credentialing

$150/unit for up to 12 graduate units. Teachers can select how many graduate units they need, between 1-12 units, depending on need.


For more information about graduate units for this program, please contact Professor Ivannia Soto at

For more information about LAUSD’s STEAM Micro-Credentialing Program, please contact Michael Beirsdorf at