Positive Case Dashboard


This dashboard contains only known, active cases of COVID-19 both on-campus and off-campus for Whittier faculty, students, staff, and contracted workers.

We encourage all members of the Whittier College community to report positive cases immediately through the health screening form.

Campus Vaccination Rates

97% Students

93% Faculty and Staff

Community members who've received an exemption to the vaccine must participate in the weekly testing program.

Current Campus Positive Cases (10/19/21)

Commuter Students 0
Residential Students  0
Faculty 0
Staff 1
Contractors 0
Total 1
Change from last report 0


Cumulative Campus Positive Cases (AY 21-22)

Commuter Students 7
Residential Students 5
Faculty 1
Staff 5
Contractors 0
Total 18
Change from last report 1


Student Quarantine/Isolation Snapshot (on 10/19/21)

Commuter Students

Modified Quarantine 1
Full Quarantine 0
Isolation or Observation 1
Subtotal 2


Residential Students

Modified Quarantine 0
Full Quarantine 0
Isolation or Observation 3
Subtotal 3
Total Student Quarantine or Isolation 5


Change from the Last Report

Modified Quarantine -1
Full Quarantine 0
Isolation or Observation -8
Total -9