Senior Spotlight: Daniel Sandoval '21

June 4, 2021

Daniel SandovalDaniel Sandoval found the power of design, and long-lasting friendships, at Whittier College. 

At Whittier, the Digital Art and Design major's courses pushed him, gave him memorable opportunities to collaborate with his peers, and helped him discover what he can offer the world. Sandoval aims to one day lead branding and marketing for a large company. In the more immediate future, he's putting his honed artistic skills to work as a senior graphic designer for a Southern California creative agency.

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
Major: Digital Art and Design

On-Campus Involvement/Activities: I was a little for the Ionian Society.

Experiential Activities: Senior Graphic Designer Job at Brio Water Technology.

Most unusual thing you did at Whittier College: Participated in a late night fun run with friends, where we all ran through and around the Whittier College Campus all racing to see who could make it to the football field, and there where no rules or regulations on how you got there!

Looking back at your time at Whittier, which accomplishment are you most proud of? Receiving the most outstanding student in the Digital Art and Design Department Award.

Favorite class you have taken: Graphic Design 3. It pushed me in many different ways, and I am forever grateful to everyone who supported me throughout, as I have made long-lasting friendships and connections through this class.

What was the most challenging class you have taken at Whittier? Ironically, Graphic Design 3. It pushed me in so many way and really ingrained in me the process and the power of design, and what I can offer to the world.

What is the best thing about being in your specific major? Being able to collaborate with different people, and understand different perspectives, while all working together for one collective goal of producing work that we are proud of.

What is the best thing about being a part of a collegiate sports team? I was only part of the men's soccer team for two years, but being able to compete, every day, with people that I have made long-lasting friendships with is the best experience and feeling. It is something I am truly honored to have experienced while at Whittier.

Advice you would give your first-year self: Be present! Don't focus so much on the future and take every opportunity in the present to learn and better yourself!

What are your plans after graduating? I am working as a Senior Graphic Designer at Vexon Creative.

What are your ultimate career goals? I want to work for a large-scale company and be the head of their branding and marketing department.

As a final goodbye, Daniel says: “The quote that [got] me through my 4 years at Whittier College. 'If you can dream if you can do it!' Walt Disney."


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