Professor Marks Recognized During East Asian Environmental History Conference

November 27, 2017

Professor Robert MarksProfessor of History Robert Marks’ well-regarded book, The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental History, has been translated into Chinese and published in China. The book was officially launched on November 11 at a gathering at Capital Normal University (CNU) in Beijing, hosted by Professor Xia Jiguo of CNU who translated the book.  

Marks was in China the week prior to attend the East Asian Environmental History (EAEH) conference in Tianjin, China, where he was elected to a two-year term on the governing council of the Association for East Asian Environmental History.

During the conference, he learned that the Chinese edition of his most recent book, China: An Environmental History, was presented to China’s Minister of Environmental Protection by the President of Nankai University Ke Gong, institutional host of the EAEH conference.

In his welcoming address to the conference, Gong said he hoped that Marks’ book “would draw more attention to environmental history as a discipline.”