New $600,000 Grant from UniHealth Foundation Will Promote Student Health and Wellness

January 20, 2022

The UniHealth Foundation has awarded Whittier College $600,000 to restructure and elevate the way the College addresses student health and wellness across the College, meeting current crisis needs and positioning the institution for improved post-pandemic health. 

The three-year grant will specifically support the creation of Whittier College’s Healthy Life Lab program which will serve to promote health and wellness on campus and launch a diverse cohort of students into health professions. 
“Even before the pandemic took hold, Whittier College understood the importance of effectively addressing students’ needs in the area of health and wellness, but the current situation has put this need into sharper focus,” said President Linda Oubré. “The generous support from UniHealth will enable Whittier to expand services and create a more equitable health model for all students.”  
A primary aim of the Healthy Life Lab program involves creating a cohort of 24-30 student peer health educators–8-10 a year–who are professionally trained to address student health and wellness issues via peer-to-peer communication, programming, and counseling. The program will also provide new pathways into health and allied health professions for the diverse and talented students who will constitute the peer health educator cohort.

Whittier College Student Counseling Center Director Dr. Rebecca Eberle-Romberger will lead the program. Local health care providing organizations will engage with the College to help provide training and internship experiences for the student peer health educators. The application for the first cohort of UNI Health Fellows is now open. See the fellowship website for more information. 

About UniHealth
The mission of the UniHealth Foundation is to support and facilitate activities that significantly improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities. UniHealth funds hospitals, clinics, and other community-based nonprofit organizations that are seeking to improve the health and well-being of our rich and diverse communities. Grantees range from direct service providers to wellness-focused programs to organizations addressing the social determinants of health.

About Whittier College
Founded in 1887, Whittier College is an independent four-year liberal arts college that encourages students to question the world around them and figure out their place in it. Located in the heart of Southern California between bustling Los Angeles and beautiful Orange County, Whittier is distinguished by its small size, energetic faculty, and nationally recognized curriculum. With an emphasis on diversity, community, and curricular innovation, the College’s primary mission is to endow students with the education, skills, and values appropriate for global leadership and service.