UniHealth Peer Health Educator Fellowship/Internship


With the generous support of The UniHealth Foundation, Whittier College has established the UniHealth Undergraduate Peer Health Educator Fellowship/Internship: Creating a Healthy Life Lab Program at Whittier College to Promote Campus Health and Wellness and Launch a Diverse Cohort of Students into Health Professions.

This hybrid fellowship/internship is for students who possess a career/personal interest in allied health fields (e.g. KNS, medicine, public health), social sciences (e.g. Psychology, Social-work, Anthropology), Whittier Scholars Program, education or human development, and desire to accelerate their personal, professional and career readiness by learning and implementing an equitable health delivery model for the Whittier College community as a peer health educator.  Eight to ten fellowship awards per year are intended for first, second or third year students who will commit to both a summer fellowship and an academic year internship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Whittier College student in good standing
  • Allied Health fields interest (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Public Health, Psychology, Social Work, or Anthropology majors)
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Completion of application including two letters of reference

Selection Criteria

  • Program will enhance student’s personal, professional and career readiness and improve ability to apply for/be accepted into professional graduate training.
  • Program will enhance the student's academic experience.
  • Program will enhance student’s knowledge and commitment to health-related profession.  
  • Program will enhance student’s ability to impact campus wellness culture. 

Program Benefits

  • A summer stipend of $5,000 for participating in an 8- week training/education/orientation and job shadowing/mentoring
  • Academic year internship, $15/hr. for 10 hours/week during fall and spring semesters

Applying to the Program

The application will be due the second Friday of March. Use this guide to help you gather your application documents. Request these items two weeks prior to the deadline.

A complete application will include:

  • Unofficial academic transcripts (a PDF of your Degree Works)
  • Current semester Course Progress Report for each 3-4 credit course you are enrolled in
  • Student Contract 
  • A written recommendation letter from a Whittier College faculty member or advisor.  
  • A written recommendation from a non-relative employer, supervisor or mentor (may be on or off campus).
  • A Fellowship Essay up to 5,000 characters explaining: 
    • how you became interested in the program; why you want this fellowship/internship opportunity.
    • how your participation in this fellowship opportunity will impact your ability to attain your career goals.
    • examples of the steps you have taken outside of applying for this fellowship to prepare/pursue your career goals (e.g. volunteer work, certifications, classes outside of WC).
  • A Personal Essay up to 3,000 characters indicating:
    • What personal characteristics and traits will ensure a successful fellowship experience for you.
    • How do your lived experiences impact your choice of this fellowship and career.
    • How you will most impact the WC community as a Peer Health Educator (e.g. programs, areas of need/interest).
  • Selected semi-finalists may be interviewed. 

UniHealth Peer Health Educator Fellowship/Internship Lead

Dr. Rebecca Romberger