Identity or Affinity Clubs

Asian Students Association (ASA)

The Asian Students Association promotes Asian culture and traditions as well as the contributions of Asian-Americans, and coordinates a series of events throughout the year. 

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union (BSU) assists Black students enrolled at Whittier, both academically and socially, through events, programs, and activities held throughout the year. In addition, the BSU seeks to make an impact on the political, cultural, psychological, and intellectual development of its members. 

Halo Halo Club

The Halo Halo club seeks to celebrate Pilipino heritage, to raise awareness, and further the understanding of its traditions and culture. Halo Halo club welcomes all individuals regardless of creed, religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or physical handicap and thus strives to foster a sense of family through various activities and events. 

Hawaiian Islanders Club (HIC)

The Hawaiian Islanders Club at Whittier College (HIC) supports students from Hawaii and other individuals who actively demonstrate an interest in Hawaiian culture and traditions. As an organization, the Hawaiian Islanders Club strives to develop and maintain a healthy, diverse community while seeking high moral standards and unity through numerous social events and community service activities. 

International Club

The International Club at Whittier College provides interested students of all nationalities an opportunity to interact with one another and acquire an awareness of other cultures around the globe. The club also hopes to make the most of outings to cultural sites in Los Angeles and around Southern California to allow students to experience different cultures and to instill in its members an interest in other international cultures and customs.

Movimiento Esudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan (MEChA)

MEChA promotes and encourages Chicano/a and Latino/a people to pursue and continue higher education, while maintaining a strong sense of self-identify and pride. 

The Bridge

The Bridge is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap for First Generation Students The goal of this group is to generate a safe space where these students can engage within a network of support and communication. Together we hope to erase the gray zone that entraps some students on campus and create a more inclusive culture for all.

Transgender, Other Identified, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Allies for Diversity (TOBGLAD)

TOBGLAD is a confidential group that serves as a support system for students and involves them in crucial political issues affecting the bisexual, gay, and lesbian community. The organization's focus is to end discrimination through educating the Whittier College community.

Arts-Related Clubs

Dance Team

The Whittier College Dance Team is an organization on campus that strives to incorporate and exhibit student creativity in the form of movement. They perform at school-wide events throughout the fall and spring semesters. The team recently started putting together an annual dance concert that takes place sometime between late January and early February to showcase dance talent and performances from both on- and off-campus organizations and individuals.


DanceVersity (formerly Latin Dance Club) allows students to explore various cultural dances including but not limited to Latin. All styles of dance are welcome! DanceVersity is a free space for every culture to share their dance styles and learn choreography by local studios or the club choreographer.

Drama Club

The purpose of Drama Club is to offer a meeting space for students interested in theater and dramatic arts. Drama club hosts workshops and provide resources to improve performance, research, design, directing and technical skills to the student body.Drama club aims to be inclusive to all.

House Blend Acapella

Whittier College's first ever co-ed A Cappella group. The purpose of this group is to give those interested in A Cappella style singing the opportunity to grow as vocalists. It is our purpose to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for singers to grow and explore the art of harmony. It is our hope all members will cooperate, as a team, to help us succeed together.

Whittier College Forte

The Forte are an all-male acapella group established in 2015 who cover a wide range of musical genres. They are dedicated to bringing music and entertainment to the students of Whittier College and plan to expand Whittier's reach through inter-collegiate concerts and performances throughout the community.

Whittier Tells Funnies (formerly Improvisation & Sketch Comedy)

The first Whittier College Improv and Sketch Comedy Club was founded in September 2009. The group meets twice a month in the studio theatre. All students are welcomed and are able to submit their original sketches. We work towards expressing ourselves through performing original skits, and releasing stress through laughter.

Field/Major-Related Clubs

Biology Club

The Biology Club provides an intellectually stimulating environment for those interested in the biological sciences through educational and social activities outside of the classroom.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club hosts guest speakers & on campus events related to business and student entrepreneurship. Students of all disciplines with an interest in business are encouraged to attend.

Kinesiology & Nutrition Science (KNS) Club

An active club providing students interested in topics related to Kinesiology & Nutrition Science with connections to students, professors, and professionals in the major, as well as opportunities to serve the greater Whittier community. Members also participate in fun activity days such as hikes, trivia games, community service, and sports viewing parties.

Math Club

The Math Club, a chapter of the Mathematical Association of America, was established to provide a network of acquaintances for those involved in or interested in mathematics, to advance the interests of the members in the areas of mathematics, and to provide assistance to the Whittier College community in said areas. 

Organization Mondiale pour L'Education Presolaire (OMEP)

The first collegiate chapter of OMEP in the world. Members of OMEP Whittier College are ACTIVISTS promoting the health, rights, wellbeing, and education of the world’s children, especially those enduring poverty, war, abandonment, or natural disasters locally, nationally, and internationally.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club holds social events, both psychology themed and non-psychology themed. Some regular events include graduate school panels, movie nights, and guest speakers. The club is open to members of all majors. 

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club meets once a week to discuss social issues and work together to provide community service, as well as work to fundraise money to attend the annual NASW Lobby Days in Sacramento during the spring semester. 

Physics Club

The Society of Physics Students is all about physics! Come chat with us, watch sci-fi movies with us or go on awesome field trips, such as to Joshua Tree Park to camp out and look at nearby planets and the moon or to the Griffith Observatory. 

Sociology/Anthropology Club

The Sociology Club was established in order to bring students interested in Sociology together so that they can better themselves and their academic experiences. 

Students for Community Medicine

Students for Community Medicine (SCM) aims to increase the number of students who commit themselves to working in medical and health science fields in underserved populations, provide and maintain an on and off campus communication networking among students interested in the health fields, support minority and disadvantaged students considering a career in the medical and health professions, and assist in the retention of underrepresented minorities as well as all other students throughout their academic career here at Whittier College.

Whittier College Engineering Team

The Whittier College Engineering Team’s purpose is to educate students on campus about different aspects of engineering. Our three areas of focus are: robotics rocketry,and 3D printing.                                                   

General-Interest Clubs

Anime Club

Anime Club is an organization that meets to discuss, show, and promote anime in a local community setting and also focuses on broadening Japanese cultural understanding. In addition to viewing anime, the club also engages in other activities, such as viewing anime music videos, reading manga, karaoke, and cosplaying. 

Artorian Order Of The Knights Of Pendragon (AOKP)

Do you ever feel like your owl-post got lost in transit? Add adventure to your life with the Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon (AOKP)- a Medieval and Renaissance- based live action role-playing club. Join us for fantasy, fighting, feasting, and... fun!

Campus Improvement & Activities (CIA)

CIA (formerly Residence Hall Association) is a major programming body for residence and funds various endeavors in pursuit of enhancing the quality of life on campus.

Commuter Student Association

A group of Whittier College students dedicated to providing WC commuter students with opportunities for unity and voice on campus, as well as scholarly support, social enrichment, and encouragement to participate fully in their college experience.

First-Year Class Council

The First-Year Class Council was established to represent the Freshmen of Whittier College as a branch of the ASWC Senate. The club is responsible for serving and representing the Freshmen of Whittier College and abiding by all rules and regulations of the Whittier college community.

League of Legends

The League of Legends was established for the purpose of creating a community where League of Legends could come to play and socialize.

Poets Auto Club

The Poets Auto Club are a group of students who enjoy learning and experiencing the world of cars.

Program Board

The primary objective of the Program Board is to provide balanced programming and high quality entertainment that is consistent with the educational objectives of the College, the priorities of the Associated Students of Whittier College, and the needs and interests of the entire College community.

Smash Bros. Club

The Smash Bros. Club is a cool group of kids, dedicated to the art of Smash. The Club holds weekly tournaments of the popular, fun, and inclusive video game in an effort to create a relaxed community where students, faculty and staff can all come together to enjoy a good Falcon Punch. 

Speech and Debate Club

The Speech and Debate program at Whittier College intends to provide members an environment in which they can develop critical skills while engaging in competitive and friendly debate.

Politically-Minded and Activist Clubs

Association of Female Leaders (AFL)

AFL seeks to foster mentorship between female students and leaders out in the greater Los Angeles area in all fields of study. Participants will have access to a wide network of female leaders and opportunities for internships and careers. Additionally, AFL seeks to advocate for female empowerment on and off campus. In addition to this greater network off-campus, AFL wishes to host campus-related events as well, including: workshops, panels, community projects, and other events.

Poets for Bernie Sanders

Poets organizing for Bernie Sanders. We think he should be president of the United States and we want to help.

Poets Organizing Workers Economic Rights (POWER)

Under the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) national organization, Poets Organizing for Workers Economic Rights (POWER) aims to address both local and nationally-coordinated campaigns for economic justice in partnership with worker and community organizations. Using student power to support workers struggling to transform minimum wage jobs into living-wage, and union jobs; our main goal is to create solidarity between the Poet community and the workers on our campus and in our surrounding community.

Richard M. Nixon Republican Club

The Richard M. Nixon Republican club is founded to bring together students interested and passionate about Republican politics on this campus. Although, not all members are republican, we strive to educate students on current political topics through trips to local museums, movie nights and debates. We also wish to bring about a greater awareness of Richard Nixon to the campus as well as provide other extracurricular events to the students at Whittier College.

Roosevelt Institute

WC Roosevelt Institute are a student policy organization that engages a new generation in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change

Students for Justice in Palestine

A social-activist, non-religiously affiliated organization which educates people on the Israel-Palestine conflict and fights for the human rights of Palestinians while condemning the actions of apartheid and genocide from the Zionist state.

We Care!

We Care! brings awareness to the campus of issues pertaining to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking, as well as provide resources and options to victims and survivors.

Whittier College Feminist Coalition

Whittier College Feminist Coalition aims to create a safe space for feminists and people curious about feminism to discuss anything and everything relating to the topics of feminism and gender equality. The goal is to become - through comfortable dialogue and exchange of views - better feminists and, in turn, better human beings.

Service-Related Clubs

Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network unites students on college campuses to fight waste and feed people by donating the surplus unsold food from their colleges and donating it to hungry Americans. Founded in 2011, FRN has grown to include chapters at more than 95 colleges and universities in 26 states, DC and Puerto Rico that have recovered over 400,000 pounds of food.The club works with on-campus dining halls and other, off-campus eateries to divert food from the landfill to community members in need, while also raising awareness on issues of food waste and hunger in America.

Lions Club

Lions Club International is the largest service organization in the world with 1.35 million members. As an organization, there is focus on eye-care and hearing aids, but as a campus chapter are also free to do projects that we feel will impact the community in the best way possible.

Students for Education Reform (SFER)

Students for Education Reform is a club that meets to discuss current state and national education policies, explore possible solutions, and further understand the many issues facing the education reform movement. The club brings together policy advocates, teachers, school administrators, politicians, and others related to the education system to participate in panels and discussions.

Whittier College Sustainability Club

The focus of the Whittier College Sustainability Club is to raise awareness for how to manage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through projects, fundraisers, and field trips we will incorporate this idea into our academics, our community, and ourselves as members of society. WCSC will be working closely with faculty in various departments to help students learn about sustainability and how to support self-sufficient businesses.