With 30 student clubs and organizations on campus, everyone is sure to find their niche. And, if your passion doesn't yet have organized representation, you're encouraged to start a club of your own.

Asian Students Association (ASA) 

The Asian Students Association promotes Asian culture and traditions as well as the contributions of Asian-Americans and coordinates a series of events throughout the year.  

Black Student Union (BSA) 

The Black Student Association (BSA) assists Black students enrolled at Whittier, both academically and socially, through events, programs, and activities held throughout the year. In addition, the BSA seeks to make an impact on the political, cultural, psychological, and intellectual development of its members.  

First Generation & Allies 

Establish a network of support, mentorship, and communication for all First Generation College Students and Allies. The First Generation and Allies' mission is to promote and create resources for all members to easily navigate their college experience. In addition, the group seeks to generate a new, more embracing culture on campus towards First Generation Students. 

SAMi HUB (Jewish Student Union)

The JSU wishes to preserve and promote Jewish culture, tradition, and observance as well as encourage interaction and discourse among the college's Jewish community as well as the student body as a whole. The group meets monthly and celebrates major holidays and Shabbat dinners. 

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan (MEChA) 

MEChA promotes and encourages Chicano/a and Latino/a people to pursue and continue higher education while maintaining a strong sense of self-identity and pride.  

Transfer Student Association 

The Transfer Student Association (TSA) is a community of students who transferred from community colleges and other 2-/ 4-year colleges. The TSA is committed to supporting transfers through the challenges of transitioning to WC, ensuring their academic success, and physical and mental well-being.

Poet Student-Athlete Leadership Academy

The Poet Student-Athlete Leadership Academy develops, challenges, and supports student-athletes and coaches in their quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics, and life. The Leadership Academy will create a positive learning environment for personal growth, rooted in the foundations of pride, integrity, and commitment to excellence. 

Global Poets

Global Poets supports international students to navigate American culture while learning about the cultures and languages of other countries through activities and events including guest presenters, trips, leadership opportunities, and social activities. 

The Desi & Middle Eastern Club

Through its events, the Desi/Middle Eastern Club works to support students’ embrace of their cultural identities, and appreciation for diversity and to educate the Whittier College campus about unity in diversity. The Desi/Middle Eastern Club board strives to create safe spaces where students can connect with their peers to establish a community based on equity and inclusion.

Afro Fusion Dance Team  

The Afro Fusion Dance Team is a dance club that is open to all current Whittier College Students. They focus primarily on African Dancing, perform at on and off-campus events, and hold auditions in the Fall and Spring semesters for new members. The Afro Fusion Dance Team isn't just a dance team, but one of the few black organizations and safe spaces for black students at Whittier College. 

Dance Team 

The Whittier College Dance Team is an organization on campus that strives to incorporate and exhibit student creativity in the form of movement. They perform at school-wide events throughout the fall and spring semesters. The team recently started putting together an annual dance concert that takes place sometime between late January and early February to showcase dance talent and performances from both on- and off-campus organizations and individuals. 

Drama Club 

The purpose of the Drama Club is to offer a meeting space for students interested in theater and dramatic arts. The Drama Club hosts workshops and provides resources to improve the performance, research, design, directing, and technical skills of the student body. Drama club aims to be inclusive to all. 

Fiber Arts Club

The Fiber Arts Club engages students in a variety of fiber arts and crafts activities throughout the academic year and offers a meeting space for students to share crafting advice with one another.

Math Club 

The Math Club, a chapter of the Mathematical Association of America, was established to provide a network of acquaintances for those involved in or interested in mathematics, to advance the interests of the members in the areas of mathematics, and to provide assistance to the Whittier College community in said areas.  

Pre-Health Club 

The Whittier College Pre-Health club seeks to unify Whittier College students who wish to pursue a profession in the health sciences. Students who are majoring sciences in such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and kinesiology, including students who are taking particular tracks such as the pre-med track or pre-physical therapist track are welcome to join the club. Students who are not science majors but have an interest in health are welcome to join the club. This club’s main focus is to better prepare pre-health students for life beyond college by hosting events that will further interest them in the pre-health field and create extracurricular opportunities. 

Pre-Law Club 

The Whittier College Pre-Law Club is dedicated to providing students of all majors, with interest in attending law school after their time here at Whittier College, with the tools and skills needed for applying to law school. Through guest speakers, planned law school tours around the greater Los Angeles area, LSAT preparation workshops, and general group discussions highlighting personal experiences with the field, students will be able to make the right choices for their educational journey beyond Whittier College. 

Physics Club 

The Society of Physics Students is all about physics! Come chat with us, watch sci-fi movies with us or go on awesome field trips, such as to Joshua Tree Park to camp out and look at nearby planets and the moon or to the Griffith Observatory.

Women in STEM Club 

This club's focus is on integrating the Women in STEM members of Whittier College with industry experts, professionals, and other university students to build relationships and share expertise that will prepare and enhance their STEM careers. Although the club is called Women in STEM, men are welcome and encouraged to join and support.

Team Awareness Combating Overdose (TACO)

With chapters across the nation, TACO is dedicated to combating overdose deaths, particularly in college-aged individuals. Through TACO, we aim to distribute free Fentanyl strips, become certified Narcan trainers, and host fundraiser events. 

Business Club

The Business Club is an organization dedicated to the broader Whittier College community. The club aims to engage all students by providing events that provide internship opportunities, innovation, and insight into what the current Whittier Community offers. In addition, the club provides community service opportunities that allow students to give back to a greater cause, canned food drives, special guest speakers, and various fundraising events.

Psychology Club

Psychology Club aims to create an academic and social environment that welcomes students from all majors. We meet several times a semester to exchange information about graduate programs, learn about careers in Psychology, and engage in fun activities such as watching movies and hosting interactive sex talks with the Whittier College community.

Artorian Order Of The Knights Of Pendragon (AOKP) 

The Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon (AOKP)- a Medieval and Renaissance-based live-action role-playing club invites all students to add adventure into their lives and participate in fantasy, fighting, and feasting. 

First-Year Class Council 

The First-Year Class Council was established to represent the Freshmen of Whittier College as a branch of the ASWC Senate. The club is responsible for serving and representing the Freshmen of Whittier College and abiding by all rules and regulations of the Whittier College community. 

Program Board 

The primary objective of the Program Board is to provide balanced programming and high-quality entertainment that is consistent with the educational objectives of the College, the priorities of the Associated Students of Whittier College, and the needs and interests of the entire College community. 

Poet eSports

Founded on the idea of pushing community and competition, Poet eSports strives to bring out the competitive nature of players. The club hosts tournaments, both virtual and physical, as well as offers competitive teams for people interested in playing in a jersey.

Whittier Student Worker Alliance 

The mission of this organization is to foster engagement between students and the workers of Whittier College. The club's mission is in the interest of creating a campus where students can communicate with, and work to the best interests of, the workers who are responsible for making the campus run.

Poet Warriors Club

The Poet Warriors Club support and uplift sWhittier College's veteran students and other military-associated students.

Food Recovery Network 

Food Recovery Network unites students on college campuses to fight waste and feed people by donating the surplus unsold food from their colleges and donating it to hungry Americans. Founded in 2011, FRN has grown to include chapters at more than 95 colleges and universities in 26 states, DC, and Puerto Rico that have recovered over 400,000 pounds of food. The club works with on-campus dining halls and other, off-campus eateries to divert food from the landfill to community members in need, while also raising awareness on issues of food waste and hunger in America. 

Whittier College Sustainability Club 

The focus of the Whittier College Sustainability Club is to raise awareness for how to manage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through projects, fundraisers, and field trips the club will incorporate this idea into our academics, our community, and ourselves as members of society. WCSC will be working closely with faculty in various departments to help students learn about sustainability and how to support self-sufficient businesses. 


Cru is an international Christian campus ministry that is on college campuses connecting people to Jesus Christ all over the world. The club is a multicultural community of students and faculty who have the vision of seeing movements all around so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Cru is passionate about growing in our relationships with Jesus Christ as well as connecting other people to Him through sharing the Gospel and providing students the opportunity to grow in their faith.