Title IX Committee

The Title IX Committee’s mission is to ensure that Whittier College is providing an educational and employment setting that is respectful and does not tolerate sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and all other forms of sexual misconduct.

The Committee provides oversight and direction for related policies, prevention programming, and Whittier College’s comprehensive, coordinated response to misconduct on campus.

The Committee’s goals are to:

  1. Raise awareness of the College’s sexual misconduct policy focusing on the definition of consent, reporting process, and requirements of faculty, staff, and students;
  2. Increase visibility with faculty, staff, and students of the Committee’s mission, goals, programs, and representatives through outreach to department across campus;
  3. Prevent sexual misconduct through comprehensive, evidence-informed prevention programming that includes information on consent and bystander intervention provided to all students through multiple methods, such as passive programming, classes, and online education;
  4. Foster a community of care and support through education of students, staff, and faculty on how to respond to sexual misconduct, noting the impact of trauma and clarifying their reporting requirements and the Title IX reporting process;
  5. Demonstrate compliance with all applicable federal laws, state laws, and guidance documents, including the Jeanne Clery Act, VAWA Campus SaVE Act, CA Affirmative Consent Act, and others, aiming to utilize best practices and evidence-informed approaches to policies and programs;
  6. Assess the climate of the student population around sexual misconduct to identify student needs in order to drive programming and allow for sound decision-making; and
  7. Respond appropriately to all incidences of sexual misconduct, utilizing campus notifications, threat assessments, and a civil-rights investigation model for incidences reported.

The Title IX Committee’s membership includes representation from constituencies across Whittier College that may respond to or prevent sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and all other forms of sexual misconduct, including the Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC), Dean of Students Office, Dean of the Faculty Office, Human Resources Department, Residential Life, Counseling Center, Athletics Department, Support Person Program, and Title IX Investigation team. The committee will include at least two student representatives and one faculty representative, and is chaired by the Title IX Coordinator.

For more information, contact the Title IX Committee Chair, Title IX Coordinator Lafayette Baker, at lbaker@whittier.edu.