Roommate Conflict/Room Changes

Roommate Conflicts and Room Changes

Roommate conflicts are normal.  Where there are relationships, conflict tends to periodically follow.  Residential Life has numerous resources in order to help if a conflict does arise. 

Roommate Agreements – All residential students are required to complete a Roommate Agreement form at the beginning of the year.  We recommend that you spend ample time and be completely honest when filling this out.  Roommates should set aside time to have a serious conversation about the questions we have listed.  We encourage the roommates to add on to the agreement.  Our base questions are just a conversation starter.

Resident Advisors – These student staff members are trained to handle roommate conflicts.  We encourage you to consult your floor RA during or even prior to a conflict developing.  RAs can be advisors or get involved in the mediation process itself.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance, that’s what they’re there for!

Assistant Directors – These professional staff members oversee specific residential areas.  They make the ultimate decision of whether to approve a room change or not.  They are also a great resource on how to handle conflicts.  Whether it is a small or big problem, Assistant Directors are a great ultimate resource.  You ultimately can’t move without their permission.

Room Changes – Open Room Change is the 3rd week of every semester.  Be sure to communicate with your RA and Assistant Director at least a few days before the 3rd week of the semester.  Giving a heads up will allow us to prepare necessary paperwork and explain the room change process.

Utilizing the Residential Life staff is always the best way to start off when a conflict starts to arise.  It’s always easier for us to help from the start than when things have already started boiling.  Our role can either be an advisor or mediator, it’s up to you!

Feel free to visit the following external resources on how to approach a roommate conflict: