Stauffer Hall

Stauffer Hall is co-educational and houses 210 students in Living Learning Communities (LLC). The first-year LLCs are meeting places for students to come together and collaboratively construct new ideas, traditions, and experiences. They are designed to help students succeed through their first year at Whittier College and beyond. These communities foster social well-being, academic enrichment, and individual growth, by providing each student with a sense of belonging on campus.

Stauffer Hall double rooms are 13.6' x 14'. The recreational room includes a fireplace, ping pong table, and foosball table. Recent renovations in Stauffer Hall include laundry room and bathroom improvements, furniture upgrades in all main lounges, construction of new classrooms, and installation of wifi. Stauffer Hall also has a brand new Fitness Room with multiple cardio machines and medicine balls. Eco-friendly elements include water-saving toilets, low-flow shower heads, energy-saving light bulbs, and each hall has its own recycling bins.


Stauffer Hall first opened in fall 1962 as an all women's dorm.

Resident Advisors

Jordan CarterName: Jordan Carter '16
Major: Kinesiology & Nutrition Science
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
School Activities: KNS Club, Sustainability Club, BSU, 
Hobbies: Running, Basketball, Traveling, Cooking, Gardening 
After college I want to: Be a Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist, encompassing food access, education, and policy domestically and abroad.
My best Whittier College experience: A semester abroad in the Czech Republic Prague
My favorite thing in the world is: Gaining and spreading knowledge with other people
A quirky fact about me: After 21 years of life, I am yet to go snowboarding or skiing

Manuel EscalanteName: Manuel Escalante '17
Major: Physics-Engineering
Hometown: La Puente, CA
Activities: Brass Orchestra, Choir, Improv
Hobbies: Cooking, singing, backpacking
After college I want to: be an Aerospace Engineer for the U.S. Air Force
My favorite thing in the world is: Homemade Philly Cheese-steaks with extra cheese
A quirky fact about me: My great grandfather established a successful circus in the 1920's called the Escalante Circus

Noelle LeczelName: Noelle Celeste Leczel '17
Major: Whittier Scholars Program - Creating an Urban Planing Major
Hometown: Pomona and Glendora, CA
School Activities: Working out, playing Frisbee, writing poetry, and being with friends
After college I want to: Join the Peace Corps and later become an Urban Planner for high-dense cities
My best Whittier College experience: Creating long-lasting friendships with my fellow residential advisors
My favorite thing in the world: is my little sister and Princess Ariel
A quirky fact about me: I am 4'11 and a 1/2. I don't pass 5ft tall!

Maria OrellanaName: Maria "Moe" Orellana '17
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
School Activities: member of the Thalian society
Hobbies: Drumming, napping, general shenanigans 
After college I want to: be an educator for middle school youth
My favorite thing in the world is: Boba and a good burrito
A quirky fact about me: I really like giving hugs


Alfredo SantacruzName: Alfredo Santacruz '16
Major / Minor: Physics / Mathematics, Scientific Computing
Hometown: Duarte, CA
School Activities: ASWC Senate, Diversity Council, Math Club, Physics Club, TOBGLAD
Hobbies: I enjoy exercising, hiking, and going on mini adventures to explore new places and try new things!
After college I want to: be in an Astrophysics PhD program
My best Whittier College experience: being on the Homecoming Court in 2014
My favorite thing in the world is: spending time with my family
A quirky fact about me: I am all about Star Trek!

Katheryn VarelaName: Katheryn Varela '18
Major / Minor: Political Science, Global & Cultural Studies / Spanish
Hometown: Covina, CA
School Activities: Resident Advisor, Thalian Society, CIA
Hobbies: Going to Disneyland, watching movies and Law & Order: SVU, finding new & cool food stops, shopping, hiking, going to the beach, & going out with my friends and family
After college I want to: be a homicide detective for special victims
My favorite thing in the world is: My family and friends
A quirky fact about me: I always have to have my nails done. I'm also the master of awkwardness.