Medical, Dental & Vision Plans

Undergraduate Students

All Whittier College full time undergraduate students can use the services of the health center regardless of their insurance carrier. Undergraduate students automatically pay health services fees as a part of their tuition, which is assessed by the Business Office at the beginning of each semester.

Graduate and Law Students

A semester fee is assessed to graduate and law students wishing to use the services of the health center at the time of the initial visit. 

Kaiser Permanente Medical Health Plan

All full-time students are required to be enrolled in a medical health insurance plan. You can be insured through your parents’ health plan if they have one or you can purchase the College-offered plan, which is Kaiser Permanente. If you choose to stay on your parents’ plan, you will need to waive the College-sponsored student health plan during the open enrollment period. If you wish to purchase the Kaiser Permanente Student Health Plan, you will need to enroll during open enrollment. One or the other must be done; otherwise Whittier College will charge the cost of the Student Health Plan to your student account. If you enroll or waive the Student Health Plan and you change your mind, you can still go back and make that change so long as the change is being made during the open enrollment period. The last transaction made by September 30 is the one that the College will honor. For additional information about benefits of the Kaiser Permanente Student Health Plan, click here. 

Enrolling in or Waiving Medical Health Plan

Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading health care providers in California. You will be able to choose a personal primary care physician and have access to high-quality care and online health and wellness services. Additionally, Kaiser has outpatient facilities near our campus. The closest Kaiser Medical Center and Urgent Care Center is in Downey. You will be able to enjoy competitive premiums that are available to the students of Whittier College. This HMO plan provides comprehensive and continuous coverage that lasts year round beginning on September 1 - August 30 of the current academic year. The plan is not just for you, but also for your dependents. For an additional cost, you can cover a spouse, registered domestic partner, and/or your children.

Enrollment in the Kaiser Student Plan is easy. Open enrollment is between June 1 - September 30. The enroll or waive coverage, visit

When you log into the student website and you decide to waive the College Health Plan, be prepared to provide your alternate health plan information such as the name of plan, ID#, etc.

Kaiser Permanente Dental Health Plan

Also available to Whittier College students is a comprehensive dental plan insured by Dental Health Services and administered by Dental Club One. Now you can maintain your oral health with a high-quality plan at an affordable price. 

The dental plan is voluntary. If you currently do not have a dental plan, this may be a good alternative to maintain the health of your teeth. To enroll in the dental plan or for additional information about the plan’s benefits, click here.

Kaiser Permanente Vision Health Plan

There is no specific vision plan offered to students of Whittier College. However, the Student Health Plan does cover an eye refraction exam to determine the need for vision correction and to provide a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, as necessary. The eye refraction exam needs to be done by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist at Kaiser Permanente. The member can then take that prescription to an eyewear provider of their choice.