Immunization Deadlines


All new full-time undergraduate (commuters and residents), transfer, international, exchange students and part-time students that will be residents must meet the listed health requirements by the following deadlines:

Students entering in Fall semester: August 1

Students entering in Spring semester: January 3

Failure to meet the necessary health requirements within two weeks of the appropriate deadline will result in a late fee of $100.00 charged to the student's account on August 16 or January 18. The late fee will continue to be assessed monthly until the student completes all requirements.

The student will also be placed on hold and will not be allowed to register for the next semester until he/she is in compliance.

If a student participates in intercollegiate sports and they have not completed their health requirements by the appropriate deadline, the student will not be allowed to practice or play sports until he/she is in compliance.

If a student is a resident on campus, their name will be submitted to the Director of Residential Life and the Dean of Students, who will send a final reminder to the student and further action will be taken. If they still fail to follow through, their ID card will be deactivated, the lock to their room will be changed (at their expense - $125) and they will not be allowed in the residence halls until all requirements are met.