Student Health Insurance

Whittier College requires all full-time undergraduates enrolled in 12 or more units and all international students to have access to comprehensive medical care while enrolled at the College.

Therefore, all eligible students will automatically be enrolled in Whittier's insurance plan through United Healthcare administered by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Student Health Insurance Plan fees are published under the College's Schedule of Charges.

Visit Gallagher's website for complete description of benefits available, limitations and exclusions, and Student Health Insurance Plan FAQs.

Information for U.S. Citizens and Other Students without a F-1 or J-1 Visa

Should you have comparable coverage that insures you beyond emergency and urgent care while attending Whittier and you elect to waive coverage, you MUST submit an online waiver form during the open enrollment period at the website link below.  All students must actively enroll or waive coverage each academic year by the specified deadline dates. Exceptions will not be made after the published deadlines.

Enrollment Periods

Open Enrollment for Fall Admitted Students: June 1, 2019 through September 20, 2019

Open Enrollment for Spring Admitted Students: November 26, 2019 through February 21, 2020

Online Enrollment/Waiver Process

  1. Go to Gallagher Student Health
  2. Click on "Student Enroll/Waive"
  3. Create a user account or Log in (if a returning user)
  4. Select the "I want to Enroll/Waive" button. If waiving the insurance, you'll need information found on your current health insurance ID card. Upon completing your online form you will be asked to review the information provided and click "submit" to complete the process. You will receive a reference number immediately upon submitting your online form

Please note: Not all insurance plans are considered comparable. If you are electing to waive Whittier's plan, your insurance company must be based in the United States. International policies, travel policies, short term medical policies, out of state HMOs and out-of-state Medicaid plans are examples of plans that will not be accepted. 

If you're a part-time student or if you don't meet all the eligibility requirements for the Student Health Plan, you may be eligible for coverage under United Healthcare Individual & Family Health Insurance.

International Students with a F-1 or J-1 Visa

All international students with an F-1 or J-1 visa are required to enroll in the international health insurance plan offered by Whittier College.  The United Healthcare plan is designed specifically for international students and exceeds the requirements set by the federal government. You will automatically be enrolled in this plan and the cost will be added to your student account each semester.

International students are enrolled on a mandatory basis and may not waive out of the Student Health Insurance Plan. You cannot waive coverage unless you are currently enrolled in a fully compliant Affordable Care Act insurance plan through a U.S.-based insurance company and claims administrator.

To access a digital copy of your ID card, you will need to create a user account with Gallagher Student Health.

If you have other questions regarding the International Student Health Insurance, please contact the Office of International Programs.

For questions regarding your bill, please contact the Business Office.

Athletics Insurance

All student-athletes must have a primary accident and injury insurance in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  If a student-athlete does not have a primary insurance coverage, they must enroll in the Whittier College primary student insurance and the additional Athletic Rider to participate on a team.  The fee for the additional rider is $360.00 per semester or $720.00 for the year, which will be added to the student’s bill by the Business Office based on a list of qualified athletes provided by the Athletics Department.