Art & Visual Studies Department Facilities


Housed in Wardman Art Center, the Department of Art & Visual Studies offers a number of studio spaces for student artists to hone their craft.

These spaces including a Digital Lab, a Drawing & Painting Studio, a ceramics studio, a wood shop, a welding shop and printmaking facilities and presses. Wardman’s lobby gallery and, occasionally, Whittier College’s Greenleaf Gallery are used to display student work.

The art center, which was at one-time Wardman Gymnasium and home of the Poet athletics program, still retains the original basketball nets, bleachers, and scoreboard from decades ago —a truly unique, nostalgic, and creative setting for Whittier's eclectic art community.

Wardman Gym


Digital Lab

The digital lab, which is open daily for students enrolled in digital courses, is equipped with 15 iMac 27 inch stations, flatbed and slide/film scanners and Epson color printers. All workstations have Adobe PhotoShop CS5, Lightroom 2, and a variety of other software programs. Students enrolled in digital photo courses have after hour access to the lab.

Drawing & Painting Studio

This studio features easels, tables, and other equipment for use in the development of drawings and paintings. The studio's wall of windows offers plenty of access to natural light, while the open floorplan enables majors to stake out individual workspaces.

Printmaking Studio

The printmaking studio features a Takach press and is set up for non-toxic printmaking processes.

Sculpture Studio

The sculpture facilities feature a full wood shop, a welding studio, a ceramics studio, a variety of firing kilns, a glaze room and several large, open work spaces.