Lauren Swanson

Lauren SwansonAssociate Professor
Department of Education


Academic History

B.S., Animal Behavior, Bucknell University
M.A .& Ph.D., Education, UC Santa Barbara
Single Subject Teaching Credential: Biological Sciences, Cal State Dominguez Hills

Academic Focus

  • Teaching and Learning in STEM Classrooms
  • Teacher Education & Professional Development


Professor Lauren Swanson began her career in education in Los Angeles, teaching high school science and providing professional development to other educators. She earned her Ph.D in education from UC Santa Barbara with specialization in teacher education/professional development and science education. Her research focuses on teaching and learning in STEM classrooms, particularly the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse students in such settings. Dr. Swanson continues to be actively involved in local K-12 schools through her research, professional development, and outreach.

Professional Affiliations

California Council of Teacher Education

National Council Teachers of Mathematics

The Association for Science Teacher Education

National Association for Research in Science Teaching

National Science Teachers Association

Select Publications

Harlow, D., Nylund-Gibson, K., Swanson, L., Truxler, A., (2011). “Using Latent Class Analysis to understand students’ responses to the question, ‘What is a Day?’.” Science Education, 95 (3), 477-496.

Select Conference Presentations

Swanson, L., & Bianchini, J. “Investigating Discursive Practices Utilized Students and their Teacher in a Freshman-Level High School Science Course.” To be presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching Conference (NARST), April 2011. Orlando, FL.

Harlow, D., Swanson, L., Dwyer, H., & Bianchini, J. “Integrating pedagogy and content in an undergraduate physics course: What was learned?” To be presented at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching Conference (NARST), April 2011. Orlando, FL.

Swanson, L., Ingber, J., Scott, B., Blesser, B., Bird, T., Swanson, I., & Priselac, J. “Investigating Science and Special Education Teachers’ Understandings of Providing High-Quality Science Instruction in the Context of a Year-Long Professional Development Program.” Association of Science Teacher Education Conference (ASTE), January, 2011. Minneapolis, MN.

Swanson, L., Emerson, A., & Harlow, D. “Embracing Confusion: Students' Attitudes toward Confusion for Model-based Inquiry.” National Meeting of American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), July 2010, Portland, OR.