Child Development Major with Education Specialist Credential


PICES is a pathway for undergraduate students to obtain a bachelor's degree in Child Development and a teaching credential in K-12 Special Education at the same time, within four years.

Students who enroll in the Pathway Integrating Child Development and Education Specialist (PICES) program become highly trained special education teachers prepared to teach immediately after earning a bachelor of arts degree. Students can enroll in PICES as incoming first-years or as a community college transfers.

    Whittier also has a graduate program in education which offers credential and Master of Arts in Education degree programs.

    PICES Pathway Required Courses

    The courses listed below are for illustrative purposes only. Official degree requirements can be found in the Whittier College Catalog.

    Courses offered in fall

    INTD 100 Freshmen Writing Seminar
    Linked Course
    MATH 80/PSYC 214 Statistics/Lab
    EDUC 402 Literacy Development in Elementary School
    EDUC 406 Learning and Learners
    EDUC 429 Introduction to Exceptional Learners
    EDUC 430 Foundations of Special Education
    EDUC 431 Assessment of Exceptional Students
    EDUC 434 Instructional Methods—Mild/Moderate
    CHDV 497 Senior Seminar

    Courses offered in spring

    EDUC 300 Introduction to Social and Anthropological Perspectives
    EDUC 401 Teaching Diverse Learners
    EDUC 404 Second Language Acquisition
    PAIR 6 (CON 1/Lib Ed requirement)
    EDUC 420 Student Teaching Seminar
    EDUC 421 Student Teaching Seminar: Education Specialist
    EDUC 432 Case Management and Assistive Technology
    EDUC 433 Creating Positive Classroom Management
    EDUC 436 Instructional Methods-Moderate/Severe

    Courses offered in fall and spring

    CHDV 105 Introductions to Child Development
    PLSC 110 American Government & Politics
    CHDV 225 Research Methods in Child Development
    PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
    EDUC 67 Experiences in Education
    CHDV 305 Literature Review
    CHDV 200/300 elective
    CHDV 488
     Child Development Practicum
    KNS 409 Promoting Student Health