Success Stories in 3-2 Engineering


Whittier College’s 3-2 Engineering majors graduate with a wide variety of opportunities before them.

Graduates who enter the professional arena have taken jobs as senior technicians, entrepreneurs, and as aerospace engineers.

See what our alumni are up to…

Bilal Shaw ’02
Data Scientist at ID Analytics
San Diego, California

“After graduating from Whittier, I went straight to graduate school at USC to work on my doctoral degree. My Whittier education helped and guided me during my doctoral work. During my Whittier years, I learned how to listen to lectures critically, to question ideas, and to be able to think and apply myself analytically.” Read more.

Corey Nichols ’08
Software Engineer at SonoSim
Los Angeles, California

“I was first attracted to Whittier College for its small class sizes and the 3-2 Engineering Program. The small class size gave me the confidence that the professors would know who I was and be able to spend the time it takes to make sure I didn't fall behind. The program gave me the chance to have a well-rounded liberal arts education in a more intimate classroom environment while also allowing me to finish off my engineering degree at a large university.” Read more.