About French Cultural Studies


To complete the minor in French Cultural Studies, a student must complete a total of six courses (18 credits), which include the following:

1. Two courses in Art History (6 credits)

Art of the Eighteenth-Century, ART 366
Age of Impressionism, ART 368
Age of Dada & Surrealism, ART 369

2. Two courses in History (6 credits)

Modern France, HIST 364
Socialism and Revolution in Europe, HIST 363
The European City, HIST 362

3. Two courses in French (6 -7 credits)

a. One language course numbered between FREN 120 and FREN 315 (this does not include the courses listed below). Students need to take the placement test if they have prior knowledge of French.
b. One literature, culture, or cinema class taught in English or in French. Courses taught in French should be numbered between FREN 325 and FREN 490 and are listed within the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Courses taught in English:

Introduction to Contemporary France, FREN 115
Francophone Culture and Civilization, FREN 126
French Cinema, FREN 173
Women's Portraits/Portraits de Femmes, FREN 175
Franco-African Cinema & Literature, FREN 177
Pre and Post Revolutionary Child, FREN 178, 
Franco-Asian Literature, FREN 181


Study in France or a French-speaking country is recommended as a supplement to the interdisciplinary minor in French Cultural Studies. A maximum of three courses will be allowed to be transferred in from study abroad, one in each category.