Department of Music

Why study music?

I cannot imagine what my life would be like without music as a daily part of it. Studying music at Whittier has given me the opportunity to become a better musician, while working closely with amazing faculty and other students to whom I have only grown closer. The music department truly wants to see you succeed and grow into the person you want to become.

You also meet a plentiful variety of people through music. Whether they’re your fellow majors or non-music students in an ensemble, music serves as a powerful unifier among the most distinct group of students. After a performance, there is no feeling quite like everyone coming together to do what they love and feel proud of the result.  

Studying music at a liberal arts college like Whittier has also given me numerous chances to make connections between music and other disciplines. As a double major, I am constantly incorporating my music studies into other classes.

To me, music is the best teacher of the benefits of persistence. Ranging from mastering a new song to refining your technique on an instrument, music reinforces the rewards of hard work and provides a supportive environment as your colleagues are going through the exact same stages.  These skills can be transferred to literally every other academic discipline and beyond.

Michael Atwood
Music major