Music Department Facilities


Peasley Center for Music

The Peasley Center for Music, which consists of the Music Building and Arnold Hall, is located on the north side of Philadelphia Street on the Whittier College campus. The Center houses teaching studios, faculty offices, classrooms, and practice rooms.

Arnold Hall

Arnold Hall is a large, multipurpose room used as a primary rehearsal space for the choir and instrumental ensembles.

The Music Building

The Music Building houses a media-ready classroom, which includes video projection equipment, computers, and audio equipment that enable faculty and students to use a variety of resources and the Internet for classes and presentations. It also includes a keyboard/music technology lab, featuring 10 Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos, four Apple computers, and a variety of software to assist students in the notation, composition, and recording of music. The music building also houses a state-of-the-art recording studio.

Practice Room

For instrumental instruction and rehearsal, there are dedicated practice rooms with pianos for students taking private instruction or who play in department ensembles. Students may sign up for practice room time in the Music Office. We have one room reserved for department bands of various sorts containing a set of electronic drums and equipment, which enables students to practice using headphones, thereby producing a silent, sonic imprint within the Music Building and in the community.

Chowdry Music Studio

Opened in 2013, the Chowdry Music Studio gives students an edge for a higher education in music and rounds out their preparation for careers in the recording industry. The soundproof studio comes equipped with Apple Logic recording software and houses a central lounge area with tech panel, main recording room with Steinway piano, and vocal room.

Performance Spaces

Attached to the Peasley Center via a colonnade, Memorial Chapel serves as the department's primary performance space. In addition, events are frequently held in the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts.

Music Instruments

Most of the studio pianos are made by Steinway, and the Chapel has a Steinway D Concert Grand. Additionally, the department has two pipe organs made by the Schlicker Organ Company: a 2-rank practice organ in the Music Building and a 38-rank organ in the Chapel. A variety of wind and string instruments are also available for students to use while enrolled in private lessons.