Innovation - An Institutional Imperative


What could innovation look like at Whittier College? Let's dream big together.

We're innovating our curriculum, not according to what we want to teach, but to give students the ability to be life-long adaptable learners, makers, and creators. For the first time in 20 years, Whittier faculty are reviewing the College's curriculum and are making incredible discoveries about how and what students want to learn.

We're going to celebrate who we are and be distinctive; not just a copy-cat institution that tries to emulate the past or be like everyone else. That's why Whittier has launched a bottom-up, collaborative planning process that will develop a comprehensive strategic plan to lay an enduring foundation for Whittier's future.

We're launching new programs and education delivery methods that provide access to broader student communities while developing initiatives that support commuters, part-time students, veterans, and adult learners. The Presidential Innovation Fund, launched in February 2019, will support these initiatives. The first initiative to receive support from this fund, Whittier Innovates, has already pushed two innovative campus solutions into development.

We're looking for new sources of revenue that help take some of the burden of financing a college education off the backs of our students and their families. We seek partnerships with individuals and companies who can help Whittier turn ideas into reality.

And finally, we're embracing where we are, in the most multicultural region in the United States, as we continue the great work of this institution that has always reached a hand out to the local and regional community, while providing a bridge to the globe.

Have ideas on how to continue innovating at Whittier?

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With your support, the College will grow its outstanding reputation as a liberal arts institution and, at the same time, grow with the ever-changing realities of higher education.