Innovation the Liberal Arts Way


Expanding a culture of innovation across campus aligns naturally with the liberal arts educational model - both encourage curiosity, collaboration, and a commitment to using information from various disciplines when developing ideas and solutions.

Whittier students are able to acquire marketable work skills and add practical knowledge to their classroom experience through fellowships, undergraduate research, study abroad opportunities, and more. 

Competition winnersCross-National Student Teams Strive for Global Sustainability

Kicking off the 2019 spring semester, Whittier College and Hang Seng Management University of Hong Kong (HSMU) joined forces to present the inaugural Social Innovation Competition.



Bailey Russ and Frankie CapraroCoding the Future of Physical Therapy

During their time at Whittier, Bailey Russ ’18 and Frankie Capraro ’18 laid the foundation for an Xbox program that could change how physical therapy patients recover at home.



Students in classDigital Shakespeare

As a means to help students connect with the Shakespeare, Professor of English Jonathan Burton has come up with a unique idea that uses digital media to teach students how to examine the Bard’s work through a contemporary lens.