Whether you are new to grant writing or an experienced, funded researcher, ORSP can provide the level of support you need in the pre-award and post-award stages.

ORSP is responsible for the authorized submission of Federal funding applications. ORSP also facilitates administrative approval of all other proposals for external support in coordination with the Office of Advancement.


  • Identifying potential funding sources
    • Government Sponsors
    • Private Sponsors
  • Proposal/Application Preparation
    • Reviewing/editing proposal drafts
    • Budget development and justification
    • Securing administrative approvals
    • Proposal Submission


  • Interpreting the Official Funding Notification
    • Reviewing the Notice of Award (public) or Award Letter (private)
  • Program Management
    • Establishing a new account with the Business Office
    • Subawards and subaward monitoring
    • Reviewing implementation plans and deliverables
    • Personnel/new hires
    • Budget management
    • Progress and financial reports
    • Ensuring compliance with College policies, sponsor terms and conditions, and Federal regulations
  • Requests for no-cost extensions and budget reallocations
  • Closeout and record retention