Campbell Hall

Close to the Athletic Center and the Hartley Faculty Master House, Campbell Hall, International Aspect Student dorm, houses 24 students and is co-educational.


Built in 1929.

Resident Advisors

Nicole DaltonName: Nikki Dalton '18
Major: English Literature and Theatre
Hometown: Duvall, Washington
School Activities: Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Quaker Campus, Peer Mentor, Member of the Palmer Society
After college I want to: be a high school English teacher
My best Whittier College experience: is comprised of all of the moments spent with the wonderful people that I'm so thankful to go to school with. From late-night laughs in the QC to finding a second family in a society or simply someone to share happiness about Disneyland with, I've loved getting to meet the people here.
My favorite thing in the world is: Movie theater popcorn and six-second hugs.
A quirky fact about me: I collect fuzzy socks and have perfected my dolphin imitation.

Cesar ZamoraName: César Zamora '17
Major: Biology
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
School Activities: ASWC Senate, Budget Committee and DanceVersity
Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, and Dance
After college I want to: Be a surgeon with my practice in family care.
My best Whittier College experience: My dance team's debut last year at Dub-Sync.
My favorite things in the world is: Ohana and pineapple
A quirky fact about me: I know how to surf, kayak, and steer a raft but I can’t swim to save my life.