Campbell Hall

Close to the Athletic Center and the Hartley Faculty Master House, Campbell Hall, International Aspect Student dorm, houses 24 students and is co-educational.


Built in 1929.

Resident Advisors

Name: Jennifer Killian '14
Major: English
Hometown: Fontana, CA 
Activities: RA, Snowboarding Club, Preceptor, Sigma Tau Delta
My favorite movies are: The original Star Wars trilogy.
After college, I want to be: An English professor. Specifically focusing on Irish writers.
Hello, world! My name is Jennifer Killian and I am one of the Campbell RAs this year. I love working in Campbell and working with all of the international students. I can't wait to meet you all, so please come on by and say hi! My hope is that you all have a great stay or semester here at Whittier College.

Name: Alfredo Santacruz '16
Major: Physics
Hometown: Duarte, CA
Activities: TOBGLAD, Physics Club
My favorite movie is: Meet the Robinsons 
After college, I want to be: Aerospace Engineer 
Hello, all! My name is Alfredo, and I am very excited to start my first year as one of the Resident Advisors in Campbell. A few of my favorite things include spending time with friends and family, taking nature walks, and meeting new people. Feel free to ask me if there is anything else you would like to know or if you would simply like to talk; I am always up for a good conversation!

Name: Terrileigh Anne Shepherd '16
Major: English and Environmental Science
Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Activities: Paragonian Society
My favorite movie is: Pride and Prejudice
My favorite thing in the world is: A cup of tea and a good book. :)
Hello! My name is Terrileigh Shepherd. I am a second year RA in Campbell Hall (the international dorm). I love traveling and meeting people from different places–so don't hesitate to come and chat!