Residential Communities at Whittier College

Residential communities provide a supportive, living-learning environment for students who share common interests and life experiences.

With the support of a Resident Advisor and community standards, Whittier's residential communities encourage understanding, respect, leadership and education.

Themed Communities

A themed community is an environment where students with similar interests live together in a dedicated area of a residence hall and participate in programs that echo similar academic, social and personal interests.


The First-Gen themed community will provide an environment where First-Year, first-generation college students can live around other students who are sharing in their unique experience. Students will get to participate in programming specifically designed to help them succeed in all areas of their college experience. They will also get a full understanding of all resources that are available to them.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development community exists to help first-year students develop or improve equity-based leadership skills. Students on this floor will be exposed to leadership opportunities on campus that allow them to put their newly developed skills into practice. 

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing at Whittier College provides an affirming, safe and welcoming community living option for students regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. In this community, students may room with an individual of a different gender or sex. Residing in the gender inclusive community is voluntary and open to all Whittier students. 

Pet Friendly

A community for animal enthusiasts, the pet friendly community allows dogs and cats under 50 pounds without prior approval. All other pets must be authorized by Housing & Residential Life.

24-Hour Quiet Community

A community for students seeking a quiet and calm environment. Students choose to live in this space with the expectation and understanding that the residents of this building will uphold the 24-hour quiet policy. Consideration for others is essential and forms the basis for a cohesive community.