Short-Range Strategic Plan


Ensuring Whittier College's financial sustainability is President Kristine Dillon's top priority. 

Her short-range strategic plan, approved by the Board of Trustees in mid-August 2023, offers a blueprint for fortifying Whittier College's fiscal position by focusing on two key areas: enrollment and fundraising. Strengthening relationships and building new partnerships with schools, organizations, and businesses in the Whittier community and the broader region is an important step in achieving success in these two key areas.


Whittier College is committed to restoring its enrollment to roughly pre-pandemic levels within three to four years. To do this, the Board of Trustees has allocated $2.2 million to focus on the appropriate staffing and strategic tools to boost enrollment for fall 2024 and future years.

Part of this funding will support the College’s recent hiring of Vice President for Enrollment Ken Woods, who brings many years of experience to this critical initiative and the ability to establish the right staffing plan for the enrollment division. Woods’s team will focus on strengthening relationships with high schools and community colleges, increasing the use of strategic marketing tools and personalized communication, and relying on active support from alumni and faculty.

The enrollment team has also developed metrics to monitor the College’s progress toward its enrollment goals.


Whittier College is committed to fundraising goals that ensure long-term financial security and sustainability while offsetting reduced tuition revenues in the short term.

To achieve these goals, the College is launching a targeted fundraising campaign with the goal of raising an additional $12.5 million in donations to the Whittier Fund beyond the typical giving level over the next five years. As part of achieving this goal, the College is initiating a leadership challenge to raise $1 million dollars by 2024.

The College also plans to recruit experienced development staff to help convert alumni enthusiasm for Whittier’s excellent personalized education into near-term financial support. Part of this strategy includes intentional outreach to reconnect with alumni who have reduced giving in recent years.

Success over the next few months will depend, in part, on the Board of Trustees. Whittier College is thankful to the Board members who helped develop and approve the fundraising goal and will look to trustees to take an active role in donating, fundraising, and strengthening relationships with prospective donors.