Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty

sal johnston joined the faculty of Whittier College in 1996 after receiving his doctoral degree in sociology from the University of Oregon.

A recipient of the Whittier College Nerhood Teaching Award in 2003, he has served in several faculty leadership positions at Whittier including chair of EPC and chair of the faculty. johnston also was highly involved in previous faculty-led curriculum reviews as a member of the faculty curriculum committees in 1997-1998 and again in 2001-2003. 

johnston’s teaching traverses a range of issues and includes courses focused on sociological theory, social change, power and politics, and sustainable food systems. His academic and practical focus is on relations of power, social justice, and ecological sustainability. johnston’s current research projects all emphasize praxis, which is linking scholarly analysis to concrete social change. 


Office of Academic Affairs
Mendenhall, First Floor
sal johnston
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty


Elizabeth Ibarra
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty