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Our English Language & Literature Professors

Charles S. Adams
Professor of English
Hoover 206 
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Areas of Interest: American Literature and Studies, Literary Theory, Baseball, Autobiography

Tony Barnstone
Professor of English
Hoover 208
562.907.4200 x4335
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Areas of Interest: Poetry and Creative Writing, Translation, The Graphic Novel, American Literature, Asian and Asian-American Literature, Literature of War, and Popular Fiction

Jonathan Burton
Associate Professor of English
Hoover 107
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Areas of Interest: Shakespeare, Early Modern Studies, Drama, Postcolonial Studies, Comparative Literature, Literature and Race, Islam and English Literature, Writing About Music, History of Education

Michelle Chihara
Assistant Professor of English
Hoover 112
562.907.4200 x4422
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Areas of Interest: Contemporary American Literature and Culture, Economic History and the Culture of Finance, Television and Reality Television, Digital Media and Finance, Creative Writing

Scott Creley
Visiting Instructor
Mendenhall 402 

Joe Donnelly
Visiting Assistant Professor
Hoover 211

Kate Durbin
Visiting Instructor
Mendenhall 402

Wendy Furman-Adams
Albert Upton Professor of English
Hoover 215
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Areas of Interest: Milton, Dante, Early Modern Studies, Ecofeminism, Art and Literature, The Bible as Literature, Classical Literature

Sean P. T. Morris
Associate Professor of English
Hoover 209
562.907.4200 x4416​
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Areas of Interest: Beowulf, Medieval Studies, Screenwriting​

David Ian Paddy
Department Chair
Professor of English
Hoover 109 
562.907.4200 x4317​
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Areas of Interest: Modern and Contemporary British Literature, J.G. Ballard, Celtic Literature, Black British Culture, Critical Theory, Science Fiction  

Andrea Rehn
Associate Professor of English
Director, Whittier's Digital Liberal Arts Center
Wardman Hall 102
562.907.4200 x4350
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Areas of Interest: Victorian Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Digital Humanities, Feminist and Queer Studies,Critical Theory 

Katy Simonian
Visiting Instructor
Mendenhall 403

Administrative Staff

Angela Olivas
English Department Administrative Assistant
Hoover 210