KNS Club


KNS Club is a service, social, and professional organization that is open to anyone majoring or minoring in kinesiology. Members and advisors of the KNS Club are interested in a variety of events, including:

  • Community service
  • Social events 
  • Professional networking 

Examples of some community service events club members have participated in include Special Olympics, LA Kitchen, and Interfaith Food Bank. Since 2014, the KNS Club has maintained a strong relationship with the LA Kitchen organization, creating scratch-cooked healthy meals for the community.  

The KNS Club also engages in several professional networking events, including graduate school visits to several programs, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports management.  Examples of programs visited include Azusa Pacific University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program and University of San Francisco’s Sports Management Master’s Program.  Moreover, every spring semester, KNS Club officers gather representatives from the allied health and sports management fields to allow KNS students to network and ask questions to further prepare themselves for the real-world beyond Whittier.  This event invites several Whittier alumni to come back and speak about their current steps in the Kinesiology field.  One highly-attended event was the USC Pre-Physical Therapy Networking Event, in which three students from USC’s DPT program came to Whittier to discuss their transition from Whittier to graduate school, provide suggestions about how to fully utilize Whittier’s resources, and advice for applying to graduate school.  

Students are also encouraged to participate in professional development activities including attending local, state and national conferences.  In October 2015, six KNS students attend the UC Davis Pre-Health Conference.  At the conference, Whittier students learned about various health fields, including physical therapy, nursing, orthopedics, occupational therapy, and dentistry.  Students also attended the graduate school fair, several presentations discussing each field, and lectures given by professionals in the health field.  

Lastly, students engage in fun social activities, including roller skating, hikes, and standup paddle boarding at the Long Beach Napel Canals, and fundraisers.  

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