Success in Physics & Astronomy


Physics and astronomy majors graduate from Whittier College with a wide variety of opportunities before them.

Recent physics and astronomy alumni are completing advanced degrees at institutions that include Stanford University, Columbia University, UCLA, USC, and Boston University. Graduates who enter the professional arena have taken jobs in teaching, biotechnology, software contracting, consulting companies, engineering, and more.

Physics and astronomy alumna Kalina GospodinovaKalina Gospodinova ’04
NOSAM Researcher

Coming from Bulgaria on a full scholarship, Kalina loved every moment of her Whittier experience. She stargazed in a national park, studied the challenging mechanics of the universe, and took part in research projects that prepared her for her amazing career. She’s worked on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander and now investigates the Earth’s oceans with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

“My professors were the most devoted and inspiring teachers I have ever had, and I still keep in touch with most of them. They challenged all of us, and they created opportunities to become part of the scientific community and to participate in research projects that helped build expertise for our future careers.”

Physics and astronomy almnus Chris MarvinChris Marvin ’09
Astronomer, Ph.D. candidate

Chris has helped discover several potentially habitable planets, alongside international teams of fellow astronomers. From his vantage point in Silia, Chile, Chris most recently helped find Proxima b, a planet that might support human life that’s orbiting the star nearest our own. While at Whittier, he built a solid foundation for his future discoveries by researching quasars—massive celestial bodies—alongside his professor Glenn Piner.

“The great thing is that the professors make sure to put an emphasis on fundamentally understanding concepts. This helped me so much more than if we’d looked at problems just through rote learning.”

Physics alumnus Dipesh BhattariDipesh Bhattari ’05
Process Development Engineer at Cree Inc.

Dipesh has been enthralled by physics—how it explains the world around us—ever since eighth grade. At Whittier, his passion led him to helping find one of the fastest moving objects in the universe. Now the proud owner of two master’s degrees, Dipesh improves the performance of LED devices for worldwide manufacturer Cree Inc.

“Whittier gave me sound knowledge on different academic disciplines, as well as made me a good physicist.”

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