Theatre & Communication Arts Major


Students majoring in Theatre and Communication Arts follow a program of study designed to stimulate awareness of our cultural traditions and to explore the creative abilities of each individual.

Theatre and Communication Arts majors have the tools to pursue a professional career, graduate studies, or continue their path as lifelong appreciators of the theatrical arts. Graduates have gone on to build careers in acting, directing, design and technical direction, writing for screen and theatre, film television, business, law, publishing, education, sales, and advertising.

What You'll Learn, See, and Do as Theatre & Communication Arts Major

  • Learn the fundamentals of acting and performance
  • Study the rich history of theatre and dramatic literature
  • Gain hands-on experience in stage design and technology
  • Work or perform in student productions

Sample Courses in Theatre and Communication Arts


This is a workshop-based performance laboratory course exploring several dimensions of theatrical self-expression through improvised exercises and situations. 

Costume Design

Study and practice of costume design techniques, including the development of visual research sources, practicing freehand drawing and watercolor painting techniques, and drawing and painting of costume sketches for several plays. 

World Theatre

A two-semester survey that integrates a multi-cultural history of world theatre, studying performance traditions and dramatic literature. The course encompasses the foundations of theatre via oral traditions and rituals, Aristotle and Greek theatre, and the early and late Renaissance periods.

The information provided here is meant to provide an overview of the required courses. 

Refer to the College Catalog for detailed information about course prerequisites, course frequency, and additional course requirements.

At least eight core courses

THEA 50 Theatre Practicum
THEA 110 Introduction to Acting
THEA 240 Introduction to Design and Technology
THEA 272 Play Analysis & Criticism 
THEA 328 Shakespeare
THEA 340 Scenic Design
THEA 345 Stage Lighting
THEA 347 Costume Design
THEA 372 World Theatre
THEA 485 Senior Project

Two courses in the chosen emphasis

Performance Emphasis

THEA 315 Fundamentals of Stage Directing
THEA 220 Voice and Movement I
THEA 225 Voice and Movement II
THEA 210 Scene & Monologue Study
THEA 392 Performing Non-Fiction

Theatre Arts—Design/Technology Emphasis

THEA 245 Drawing and Drafting for the Theatre
THEA 246 Painting for the Theatre
THEA 340 Scenic Design
THEA 345 Stage Lighting
THEA 347 Costume Design

Seven Courses including One Lab and Two Semesters of a Practicum

THEA 050 Theatre Practicum
THEA 110 Introduction to Acting
THEA 240 Introduction to Design & Technology (with lab)
THEA 272 Play Analysis & Criticism
Three THEA courses numbered 300 and above