Hands-On Learning in Whittier Scholars Program

Whittier Scholars' studies are combined with practical, hands-on experience through internships, community service, and study abroad. Students can apply their classroom learning to enhance their personal development and better prepare for a rewarding professional future.

Joe ZouStudy Abroad

Joey Zou’s passion for urban planning took her far beyond Whittier, to say the least.

Her Whittier Scholars Program (WSP) advisor knew of Joey’s passion well, and helped connect her with a metropolitan studies internship in Berlin, which also organized trips to Istanbul and St. Petersberg. Soon after, she whisked off to study abroad in Copenhagen, where she spent a semester designing her own projects in a studio course, while also taking short trips to Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland. During a January term, she flew to the other side of the globe to study international business in China and Hong Kong.

Joey returned stateside with enough knowledge and skills to earn a summer internship at an urban design firm in Berkeley, and now continues her mastery of the subject at Cornell University’s graduate program.

“(WSP) offered me a lot of flexibility to choose my areas of interests and combine them to become my major. And the strong affiliations that Whittier College has with all the study abroad programs around the globe has facilitated me to have a variety of choices to consider for study abroad options.” – Joey Zou

WSP students who are interested in studying abroad are encouraged to contact the Office of International Programs.


WSP major Amanda Casey spent a summer writing articles about mobile marketing, branding, and digital advertising for Colure Media—a marketing and advertising firm—sharpening her writing skills, and broadening her exposure to marketing practices.
Amanda, who is studying gender and labor representation in the media, took the internship to gain some practical hands-on experience, but more so, to challenge herself to jump into this fascinating field.
“As a journalist, this internship was very beneficial because it increased my awareness in business and marketing practices and consumer trends,” said  Amanda.
Internships like Amanda’s combine WSP students’ areas of interests with real-world work settings – giving students a head start in their chosen careers after Whittier.
Here are just a few places where WSP majors have recently interned:

·      Target Corp.
·      Los Angeles Unified School District
·      Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
·      Pasadena Symphony Association
·      Fiesta Publishing
·      Def Tribe, an events/promotion company
·      Calthorpe Associates, an urban planning and analysis firm

More Internship Opportunities

To learn more about internship opportunities, visit The Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development.